Sci-fi Vehicle-Dice Tower-Card Holder All In One (STL file)


  • - the top is designed to be able to flip open to act as the tower and the rear of the crawler can flip down as well for you to store your game cards inside
  • - the crawler itself is designed for 6-10 mm scale games. It is quite big because I have to make sure the interior has enough space to store cards and be a dice tower. Of course, you can scale this up by about 280% for 28 mm games if you choose to do so
  • - about 12.8 cm wide x 7.75 cm high x 20.6cm long
  • - STL file only, not the actual printed model
  • - You will be getting the main crawler in 16 pieces:
  •           - front
  •           -left
  •           -right
  •           -top
  •           -bottom
  •           -rear
  •           -2 front tracks
  •           -2 rear tracks
  •           -large cannon
  •           -small cannon
  •           -ramp add-on (in order for the dice to roll out of the cargo bay correctly)
  •           -large missile
  •           -microwave
  •           -howitzer