I have always been into computer graphics and in 2015 I purchased a 3D printer to start printing my own creations. The feeling of being able to print your own creations and see it before your eyes is definitely priceless! 

You will find custom made 3D printed miniatures for your favorite tabletop games or treat them as standalone miniature decorations in my store. My designs will mostly be sci-fi related as that is what I am interested in since I'm a sci-fi nerd. That is not to say I will not come up with traditional / modern designs though! 

This store provides sci-fi lovers, model enthusiasts, as well as tabletop gamers with another quality source to acquire, 3D print, and play with custom designed spaceships. By having actual STL files, you have the freedom to print as many and in any scale as you want!

I hope you will love my designs as much as I do!