Neo Osaka – Scifi Modular Terrains & Props


The year is 2122, 2 years after the first cyber war, the city of Osaka is no longer what it used to be. It is now a much smaller version of its former self called Neo Osaka.


This set will include a wide range of buildings with full interior and props. Some with stackable tiles so you can form multi level buildings.

This set consists of the following (over 600 STLs):

  • med store
  • newsstand and storage
  • garage
  • capZZZule hotel
  • currency exchange store
  • subway entrances
  • fountain
  • coin laundry store
  • pachinko and slots with a secret hideout on second floor
  • vending machines
  • roads
  • upper level terrains with stairs leading from street level
  • short stairs and pathway
  • sewer opening and sewer terrains
  • street tiles
  • 40mm bases
  • vehicles
  • tons of props
  • stretch goals unlocked
    • monument
    • inner walls & props
    • vending machines
    • container makeshift office
    • food truck
    • scatter terrains
    • Neo Osaka Shrine
    • parking lot
    • ramen store
    • makeshift building
    • NOPD cop car
    • tunnel add-on
    • building expansions
    • scaffolding
    • storage & shelves

Note: there will be pieces that you simply need to “mirror” using your favorite slicer like CURA or 3D Builder. For example there will be a left piece, you simply use the “mirror” feature to get the equivalent right piece.


You can also join my slowly growing Patreon if you would like to support me there and get a set of structures, terrains and/or props each month. You can also voice you comments, suggestions and opinions and help me become a better designer!


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