Sato Heavy Industries



I haven’t really done any industrial related designs before, hence this time we have The Sato Heavy Industries – steel mill.

I’ve have actually done a lot of researching on google and watching youtube videos about steelmaking. Pretty interesting to say the least. I have decided to pick one of the few steelmaking methods which is the use of electric arc furnace or EAF where they use electrodes to heat up the metal / carbon mix and turn them into molten steel after some chemistry / explosion [please don’t get triggered as this is most likely not 100% accurate 🙂 ]

A lot of planning went into this project after all the researching. Unlike previous projects, this time I had to really plan out how the whole processing works and the placement of each section/equipment. In real life it would probably be a super long structure but since its scifi / fantasy I restructured it to be more space friendly. But overall the end to end process is there, though again not 100% accurate. The mill should offer more than enough space to move around both high and low ground plus cluttered enough for your troops to take cover.

Most pieces have flat side and so are optimized for printing on FDM printers with little to no support. Some pieces will need to be glued together like the stairs and the column support below them and the crane.

The set includes:

  • main electric arc furnace
  • continuous casting area
  • torch cutter
  • rolling machine
  • ladle
  • rail transport with ladle holder and tracks
  • crane
  • reheating furnace
  • cutting/casting/molding machine
  • cooling line
  • magnetic crane for bringing final product to transport
  • transport for carrying final product
  • high and low floor terrains
  • control room
  • security room
  • forklift and different props
  • bonus pieces
    • exterior walls
    • mobile toilet & ventilations
    • furnace #2
    • extra floors
    • C&C making blooms
    • rolling mill & rolled steel
    • train loading section with car carrying the steel
    • train engine
    • large pipes
    • second floor platform w/ladder

The initial stage would be dumping the scrap metal into the EAF, the electrodes would heat up the content and them into molten steel. Anything related to the EAF will be managed inside the control room. There is a ladle on transport rail track directly below it to collecting the molten steel. The ladle cart will move to the “pick up” point where the crane is. The crane will then lift it up and place it on top of the continuous casting area where the molten steel “flows” into it and get cast into slabs.

The slabs quickly roll into a torch cutter to be cut into smaller pieces.

Then move on back to a furnace to reheat back to temperature high enough to be molded.

Last but not least, the red hot slabs roll into the area that will cut/split/mold them into two separate pieces (railway track), cool down in the cooling line then get transported by magnetic crane carrying the final product onto remote controlled transport.

Obviously, we also need a security room to make sure no unauthorized personnel sneaking into the mill!

My previous sets Neo Osaka and Ishikawa – The forbidden apartment sets will compliment this set very well. They will give you even more structures and tiles to create a massive game.

Neo Osaka
Ishikawa – The forbidden apartment



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