Scifi Structures Vol 3 – Urban Warfare


After a short hibernation I am proud to announce Scifi Structures Vol 3 – Urban Warfare! As you can probably tell from the title, the structures from this volume are all designed with urban warfare in mind. I thought this is good change of things than just randomly creating structures for multiple purposes from previous campaigns (volume 1 and volume 2).

All models are designed for 30mm scale but can be scaled up or down. For example, scale down to roughly 93.33% for 28mm. Since you are getting the STl files, you have the freedom to resize the size you want them to be!

Here is a list of models you will be getting:

  • weapon shop w/ separate top
  • narrow house
  • slum residential building 1
  • slum residential building 2
  • slum storage building
  • small convenience store
  • subway entrance
  • ATM, console and vents
  • 3 story bar with space on top level for a sniper
  • small bunker shaped store w/ separate top
  • garage w/ separate top
  • slum storage building v2
  • store ruin
  • 2 story residential building
  • 3 vending machines
  • fountain


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