Scifi Vehicle-Dice Tower-Card Holder All In One


One day I thought to myself, why not combine what I have been doing and make a dice tower as I have not seen any 3d printable scifi vehicle miniature that also acts as a dice tower AND also a card holder.

I have never done anything like this before as I have to design this model in pieces and be able to put it together like a model kit. The top is designed to be able to flip open to act as the tower and the rear of the crawler can flip down as well for you to store your game cards inside. The crawler itself is designed for 6-10 mm scale games. It is quite big because I have to make sure the interior has enough space to store cards and be a dice tower. Of course, you can scale this up by about 280% for 28 mm games if you choose to do so. With this campaign I can also gauge if there is actually a interest for this kind of all-in-one 3d printable model.

You will be getting the main crawler in 12 pieces (in STL files NOT physical models)

  • front
  • left
  • right
  • top
  • bottom
  • rear
  • 2 front tracks
  • 2 rear tracks
  • large cannon
  • small cannon
  • ramp add-on
  • large missile module
  • microwave cannon module
  • howitzer module
  • scout vehicle (fits inside the crawler)

Finally to give you a better idea, I printed this prototype using my Monoprice Select Mini at 85% with a dimension of approximately 10.77 cm wide x 6.33 cm high x 17.54 cm long and the interior can fit about 80 Magic The Gathering cards without sleeves. For those who don’t play Magic The Gathering, the size of each card is 6.3 x 8.8 cm in size. In the prototype I have also added velvet to cover up the interior to minimize the damage it might cause to the cards.

Full size at 100% is about 12.8 cm wide x 7.75 cm high x 20.6cm long.


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