Underwater Base Albion – Scifi Modular Terrains


One day I was thinking about what theme I should do this time and immediately thought about underwater base because I saw a post about the game BioShock. BioShock was a great game in my opinion and it also took place underwater and the “underwater” part got me.


You can argue it looks and works just like any other scifi base but I tried to incorporate as much elements to give the impression the base is underwater by having a large aquarium liked observation area with large glass (to look out of). Pipes through out different areas of the base as well as a hangar for submersibles. The hangar will work nicely with my previous Battle sub – Suzunami project as well.


The core set consists of one small 1 seater submersible as well as a larger 4 person seater submersible. It is also my first time designing submersibles. Although they are similar to spaceships in general to a certain degree I still have to make sure they look like they are for underwater and not in space. That is an interesting challenging as I was so used to spaceships.


And also for the first time I will be including the parts list starting with this project and going forward for all future projects that should help everyone to identify which piece is which.


This project consists of the following tiles with interior and props (over 260 STLs):

  • elevator that leads back up to the surface 2 wall tiles tall
  • observation / aquarium area
  • sub hangar
  • small and large submersibles
  • decompression chamber
  • med bay
  • power generator area
  • briefing room
  • common connecting terrains
  • 40mm bases
  • props
  • extra bonus:
    • sea bed terrains
    • submersible MK2
    • giant aquarium
    • more 40mm bases
    • sub docking bay
    • extra pros and bases
    • common area
    • elevator platform


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