SciFi OpenLOCK Compatible Tiles for Gaming Vol3


This set includes a sub set of tile, gate and center piece that form the entrance area leading to the main room with more tiles, gate and center pieces forming corridors and smaller pathways.

The base set now consists of over 60 pieces plus 8 bonus. There is a main base tile piece that is designed to work with center pieces including those from previous volumes. Walls in different sizes as well as all new center pieces. I thought having one generic base tile will offer greater flexibility when building the tiles with the center pieces. So instead of printing an entire different tile piece, you only have to print different center pieces out.

And finally, for the first time I am introducing the all new “raised” center pieces offering even more potentials. Down the road there will be center pieces with higher heights, basically walls, for those into ambushes from high ground.

I’ve also spent more time on more consoles and screens based on feedback from everyone. This volume includes 5 different consoles and each comes with and alternate version that has a base as well as 5 different screens. One large and medium “blank” walls are also included so that you can “attach” the screens onto them. More consoles and screens will be included as stretch goals!


The main base tile is 75.46mm x 75.46mm tiles, follow by the 50.8mm x 50.8mm, 50.8mm x 25.4mm, 76.2mm x  25.4mm and finally the smallest square tiles are 25.4mm x 25.4mm.



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