Spaceship miniatures


  • this STL pack includes 13 spaceship models
    • Civilian cargo ship – A typical civilian cargo space craft with a rugged design
    • Civilian spacecraft – This spacecraft has no weapons as its a civilian type space craft made purely to travel
    • Raven class scout ship – A light armored scout ship equipped with two twin particle cannons one on each side plus missiles for some extra fire power. As the name suggested, this ship is designed for scouting purpose
    • Battlecruiser concept – Inspired by StarCraft’s battlecruiser
    • Eagle class light frigate – Based on how assault rifles look like
    • Enforcer class battlecruiser – The Thor – A medium size cruiser packed with 6 deadly sets of twin barrel particle canons on both sides
    • Dreadnought class space carrier – Plusllian – This space carrier has a large hangar bay top and bottom in the center. Armed with 4 twin barrel laser cannons as well as two bigger twin barrel laser cannons on both sides
    • Judgement class capital ship – The brain and command centre of the entire fleet of battle ships, missile frigates and all other support ships
    • Leviathan class space carrier – The Duke – 3 hangar bays in the center on each side. Instead of using traditional ways like numbers or letters. I’ve decided to go with 1, 2 and 3 columns wrapping the hangar bays top and bottom
    • Pegasus class carrier – Argama – Packed with two mega particle cannons at the bottom of each deck as well as two twin cannons on the inner side of each decks. Each deck has four aircraft catapults, deck-edge elevators and helipads near the bridge
    • Space station concept – Comes with a long cube for the main area plus two orbiting sections at the end
    • Alien mothership
    • Pluto class mobile shipyard – Albion
  • not scaled


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