SciFi OpenLOCK Compatible Tiles for Gaming Vol4


For this volume I have picked train station as the theme as I have never designed anything train related before. (Interesting fact – I used to be an HO scale model railroad enthusiast when I was a kid!). Picking a theme really helps me stay focused. Then I thought, why not have a train battle take place within the station with bridge going from one platform to another? Using crates and containers as cover as well as gaining strategic advantages by capturing and securing the high grounds over the bridge. Alternatively you can also make your way across by “bunny” hoping over the cargo transports and the middle area separating the two rail lines. Or why not go around from the lower platform and back to the main platform for a surprise flank?

This volume includes structures and decorations like the security room, storage room, ticket machine, displays, benches, bins etc. Things that you normally see in train / subway stations but in more scifi and futuristic style. I’m really excited to say through continuous testing, the details on the models are a lot more prominent compare to previous models.

And for new backers you will notice my raised center pieces have no OpenLOCK system beneath them. That is why I decided to label them “center pieces” because they sit on top of a generic tile base that has the OpenLOCK system. That way you don’t need to print an entire tile but rather just the “center pieces”.


The main base tile is 75.46mm x 75.46mm tiles and the more narrow tiles are 76.2mm x  25.4mm and finally the corner square tiles are 25.4mm x 25.4mm. The pieces are designed for 28mm scale but obviously you can resize the models anyway you want to fit your games.

The base set consists of 72 pieces:

Center pieces and tiles:

  • main tile base (for all the center pieces)
  • raised center piece sets (in 2 different styles)
  • center piece sets (in 2 different styles)
  • stairs center pieces (in 2 different styles)
  • raised to bottom center piece (in 2 different styles)
  • side tiles (side, corner and end piece)
  • rail tiles (5 styles and one has a column that acts as support for the platform above it)
  • large / medium double sided wall tiles
  • large “hatch” wall tile

The second style for the raised center pieces are really for those who do not want to worry about the orientation of the tiles as the tiles from style 1 are not the same from all 4 sides. I have also included two support pieces one to be placed and glued below the flat platform tile above that’s directly connected to the stairs center piece and the other to be placed and glued below the stairs center piece for extra support. Both are not necessary unless the bridge configuration is huge. For a normal bridge that is 5 tiles wide the rail column piece is more than enough to support both sides of the bridge. Finally the center pieces all have one flat area for ease of printing vertically without support.


  • security room
  • storage room


  • small / large bin
  • small / large display
  • column pillar
  • display / ticket machine
  • bench
  • bench display
  • small / large container
  • cargo transport
  • entrance
  • charging station
  • small / large locker
  • subway gate
  • container pack
  • long / short pipes
  • inner wall (end piece and expansion piece)
  • support piece (to be placed and glued below the stairs center piece for extra support)
  • support piece (to be placed and glued below the flat platform tile above that’s directly connected to the stairs center piece for extra support)

Extra pieces:

  • electrical panel
  • cargo train head
  • conveyor belt for cargo
  • large / medium double sided wall (style D)
  • raised center piece (style I)
  • ventilation system (style A, B & C)
  • cargo train (style B)
  • column (style B)
  • detention room
  • rail tile F (tunnel)
  • large / medium high walls for raised tiles
  • vending machines


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