Scifi Structures Gaming Vol 4


This time around I focused mostly on larger structures as oppose to smaller decorative pieces. As usual, I’ve always tried to come up with something different, like the D5 Dice Bunker that comes in 5 pieces for each side for easier printing. Each side has either 1-5 strips sort of like a real dice. Then there’s the expandable tube passageway (first time I designed something like this) that you can expand using the expansion piece.

The models are designed for 28mm-30mm scale and obviously you can resize the models anyway you want to fit your gaming needs.

Continue with the tradition, you will be getting a selection of 31 scifi structures

Here is a list of models you will be getting:

  • mobile capsule hotel
  • cryo chamber (2 styles – exposed, retracted)
  • scifi platforms with interior (includes 2 platforms with interior and top pieces)
  • massive power generator
  • corner store ruin (two pieces)
  • front gate structure (includes 2 gate pieces, 2 side pieces and 1 end piece)
  • med facility
  • large turbine generator
  • 3 different solar panels (includes base and 3 panel pieces)
  • large energy cell floor with energy cell pieces (includes main energy cell floor and 2 energy cell pieces)
  • D5 dice bunker (multi parts – 4 sides and 1 top piece for ease of printing)
  • refinery
  • three ground decorations
  • anti air guns (includes base and gun pieces)
  • mech hangar
  • outpost base
  • modular colony structures¬†(includes main structure, 2 colony structures with entrances in 3 styles)
  • expandable tube passageway (multi parts – 1 main and 1 expansion pieces)
  • wall + gate expansions
  • guard tower
  • storage tanks
  • landing platform
  • elevator for landing platform
  • mech hangar ceiling and column add-on
  • 90 degree expansion pieces for mech hangar with ceiling
  • command base
  • SAM launcher
  • command base with interior
  • cryo tube
  • furnace


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