Scifi Structures


These are the scifi structures in the set:

  • power plant and crystal field
  • factory
  • control tower with expandable helipads (comes with one end piece and one expansion piece, each piece has two helipads)
  • oxygen extractor with individual oxygen tanks
  • underground gate and entrance
  • ground missile turrets (comes with 3 versions: opened, closed and tilted in 2 pieces), container and small bunker
  • individual containers, crates and barrels designed for warehouse, drop zone or use them on their own
  • barrack
  • cityscape game tokens (set of 2)
  • warehouse
  • pentagon concept
  • large bunker with detachable top (potentially double as a dice holder or storage for other game pieces!)
  • large single helipad/drop zone combo (can be combined with multiple to form larger zone/helipad)
  • science lab with alternate middle pieces (large bio dome, helipad and small bio dome)
  • walls & dragon teeth
  • space pyramid
  • modular cityscape tokens
  • mining facility
  • ship yard
  • command center

Majority of the models with doors/entrances have a door/entrance height of 20mm


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