Akihiro – Nuclear Power Plant [Late Pledge]


NOTE: This is for Akihiro – Nuclear Power Plant [Late Pledge], the set will be available for download on MMF approximately 2 weeks after KS ended

So where do Neo OsakaIshikawa – The forbidden apartment as well as Sato Heavy Industries get their power from?

I present to you all, this nuclear power plant Akihiro with state of the art nuclear power generation. The terrains for this set will almost be above ground level, something for a change. With most of the nuclear generation related structures such as the nuclear reactors, most of the piping, pumps etc run under the main floor of Akihiro. The main floor will be supported by pillars and one of them has a ladder providing access to the underground.

Everything will be managed and monitored from the control room looking over everything making sure every part of the plant is working as expected.

Everyone works long and tiring hours at Akihiro so a crew quarter is built for them to make sure they get all the rest they need to operate the plant.


Power will be created from the reactors and through a series of pumps, generators and pipes and finally transferred to the generator room providing electricity for the other structures mentioned before as well as the plant itself.

And in case of emergency, an evac area with lifetrains, similar to lifeboats in offshore oil rigs, will quickly transport the crew to safety and away from any fallout. Supplies can also be transported to and from the evac room as well.

Spent fuel rods and nuclear waste will be stored for a very long time in the cooling pool as well as in the underground storage facility.

And of course the structure is contained within thick walls!

This set should offer some fresh game plays with above and below ground terrains compared to my previous sets. Most pieces have flat sides and so are optimized for printing on FDM printers with little to no support. Only a handful of pieces will need to be glued together like the floor fence, stairs/rail and the pipes connected to each other and the pumps/generators. Walls and floors will be connected using the OpenLOCK system.


The set includes:

  • reactors A & B
  • spent fuel rod cooling pool with crane
  • crew quarter
  • control room
  • generator room
  • body contamination scanner
  • reactor coolant pump
  • steam generator
  • feedwater pump
  • underground storage facility with stackable storage for nuclear waste
  • evac room with lifetrains
  • exterior walls/floors enclosing the plant
  • terrains and props
  • many more from stretch goals


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