Hyperion 13 – scifi modular tiles and props


Introducing Hyperion 13……..


This is how I see it as one of the potential scenarios:

We have the usual front entrance for a potential starting area of Hyperion 13 but with a twist. Your squad will be greeted by a set of defensive walls right as you start as well as defensive structure with enemies firing from above. If you can make it close enough on either side there will be a door which leads to the great hall.


Inspired by the lobby shootout from the movie Matrix, I have designed a great hall where large shootouts can happen. You will have to decide whether to push forward or pick an alternate route (left or right door) into the other rooms. If you make it alive pushing forward, perhaps you can take a breather in the generator room before deciding which room to tackle next.

Either route you will end up in the corridor section and will end up either in the storage area for some weapon cache or healing items. Or this area can also be treated as prisons where you will be able to free the POWs to help you in your battle.

If you approach the opposite corridor you will end up in the hanger with large functioning hangar door and crane. This is where I see having the another large shootout with all the containers and racks as covers.


Finally, for the first time, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and created two wheeled vehicles – a multi-purpose armored vehicle (MPAV) as well as a forklift stacker. I am hoping this will pave the way for more wheeled vehicles going forward! Also for the first time I have also designed some simple 40mm and 60mm bases and will include more in the future as well.


This project consists of 6 main areas of tiles and props (over 180 STLs):

  • front entrance area with defensive structure (second floor)
  • great hall
  • corridor section
  • storage/prison
  • generator room
  • 2 “wall tiles” high hangar with functioning hangar doors and crane
  • multi-purpose armored vehicle (MPAV) with optional top cover add-on and forklift stacker
  • props to decorate the rooms
  • 40mm & 60mm bases
  • bonus pieces:
    • alternate generator
    • low wall tiles
    • dice tower conversion (defensive structure)
    • overpass (great hall)
    • extra 40mm & 60mm bases
    • science room
    • extra tiles (generator room)
    • new multi purpose armored vehicle
    • extra props
    • waste facility
    • sewer section


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