Sci-fi hover vehicles


While I was working on the Themis Terminal project, in parallel,  I was actually also playing with the idea of hover vehicles or anti gravity vehicles. As a result a hover tow tractor and a bonus cyber APC concept were included in that project.

This project will be the continuation of that idea and will include 6 main hover vehicles with switch out pieces. The main vehicle will no doubt be the tank, follow by the missile launcher. Then there is the troop transport to go along with the main tank and missile launcher. My version has an open top and back for quick drop and run missions. A ballistic and large missile launcher transports will provide artillery support and more fire power from behind. Finally a smaller hovercraft for the commander or it can also be used as a scout vehicle as well. There are switch out pieces for just about every part of the vehicle for you to mix and match.

  •  hover tank (3 turret styles)
  •  hover missile launcher (3 styles of missile system)
  •  hover transport
  •  hover ballistic transport (3 styles – deployed / retracted / closed)
  •  large missile launcher (2 styles – deployed / retracted missile pods)
  •  small hovercraft for the commander

Each vehicle is made up of multiple pieces connected using OpenLOCK system, this allows you to create even more variations. The pieces are separated into sections – front, mid, rear, front track, mid track, rear track and turret base. The turrets will have to be glued onto the turret base. Since the regular transport, larger missile and ballistic transport vehicles have interiors, in order to make the track mid pieces easier to print, the mid track section does not have OpenLOCK system to switch out different mid pieces but rather one piece without the turret and turret base. The turret and turret base pieces will be separate pieces and have to be glued together.

I have also created a OpenLOCK “raiser” piece that fits in each vehicle’s mid bottom section that slightly lifts up the vehicle to give it a “hovering” effect.

Note: there will be pieces that you simply need to “mirror” using your favorite slicer like CURA. For example there will be a left piece, you simply use the “mirror” feature to get the equivalent right piece.

Bonus pieces:

  • storage containers
  • shield generator (side switch out)
  • small single seater hovercraft
  • extra rear piece
  • triple turret
  • extra track front piece
  • rocket pack (side switch out)


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