Scifi Hangar – Themis Terminal


The previous project Battle Sub Suzunami was a lot of fun to do as it was my first time designing ships with OpenLOCK integrated. While working on that project I had immediately thought of creating this hangar project because when you have ships, you got to have hangars right? At the beginning the design was focused around the battle sub but slowly transformed into something more generic for spacecrafts in different sizes.

After getting some feedback and suggestions from the community I’ve designed a few rooms for this set. Mainly the storage room, power generator room, crew quarter and a strategy room. That is in addition to the main hangar, smaller hangar, small landing platform, general floor and wall tiles.  As I’ve mentioned before when you have ships you have got to have hangars to store them right? The opposite should also be true therefore I am also including two spacecrafts and one hover tow tractor (inspired by the ones from modern aircraft carriers) into the set.

The main spacecraft (the one in red from the images) is called The Edge and was one of my really early spaceship models. It was available as my second kickstarter from a few years ago. I thought that model was a good fit for this as a starter spacecraft so I modified it quite heavily and integrated the OpenLOCK system. By integrating with OpenLOCK, the ship is now modular and making printing and putting together easiler in smaller pieces. Instead of having to make sure every sides are aligned while gluing the pieces now the pieces are “locked” in place. Who knows maybe I might offer some add-ons / switch outs for the ship? 🙂

This hangar set has well over 200 pieces containing:

  • storage containers and crates (4 styles)
  • strategy room floor tiles, main console
  • servers and consoles (7 styles)
  • crew quarter floor, wall tiles, crew bed (OpenLOCK) and lockers (2 styles)
  • power generator room wall (double height), floor tiles and generators in 3 styles
  • piping props (2 styles)
  • stand alone landing platform
  • hangar wall (double height), floor tiles and hangar gate
  • hangar control tower wall (double height) and floor tiles
  • general floor and wall tiles
  • space craft (OpenLOCK) and shuttle ship (OpenLOCK)
  • hover tow tractor
  • elevator tiles
  • extra consoles for strategy room
  • missile room
  • airlock chamber
  • weapon storage props
  • cargo transport
  • teleport room
  • robotic arm tiles
  • floor hatch tiles
  • extra decorative pieces for pilar tiles
  • bonus:  container, container stand / rack, bed (2 styles), 5 additional decorative pieces and a prototype APC vehicle


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