Battle Sub Suzunami


The idea of this project came from playing a mobile game and it was just a random game with a submarine as the boss at the end of the level. Then I thought would it be possible for me to design modular tiles that would form a submarine. After days of fiddling with the OpenLOCK tiles I was finally confident that it was doable. It was quite fun and very challenging at the same time!

I know this isn’t the first of its kind but its something totally new to me. I’ve done spaceships and terrains in the past I thought why not combine both! Designing the initial “frame” of the submarine took a long time. First I had to come up with the overall shape. Followed by separating the pieces into smaller tiles before integrating with the OpenLOCK system. Once that was done I was able to finally focus more on the actual design of the submarine both inside and out.

As you can see I did not design the submarine based on traditional / modern submarines but rather more scifi / sleek style (what a surprise!). I wanted something sleek but at the same time with a bit of a bulkiness or wide stance like the Sea Shadow. And why this name? Suzunami was actually a Yugumo-class destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy as well as Takanami-class destroyer of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. The word suzunami means “breaking wave”, which is exactly what I imagine my submarine would do, breaking / cutting through waves.

This is how I envision the submarine being used in different games:

  • assault from sea to some key locations
  • submarine being hijacked, mission is to regain control over it
  • recover important intel, VIP or cargo from the submarine

If all goes well with this project, I have plans for introducing more ships in the future.

The base set consists of over 100 pieces in the following sections:

  • floor tiles
  • side wall tiles
  • inner wall / door tiles
  • side to top tiles
  • top tiles (regular and medium size)
  • side mid slanted tiles
  • front slanted tiles
  • front / rear tiles
  • decorative tiles
  • non tile decorative pieces

Bonus pieces:

  • inner walls style B
  • top tiles for recon mode
  • missile pods deployed at 45 degree angle and retracted top tiles
  • alternate 180 degree front screens left + center + right wall tiles combined to form one giant screen
  • top tile with turrets
  • side missile pods side wall tile


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