Scifi Modular Structures and Props


Since I have been designing OpenLOCK compatible modular terrains, I thought why not start off 2021 by designing some OpenLOCK compatible modular structures this time?

This project consists of 3 guard towers, 9 structures and 12 props designed with 28mm scale in mind.

The side pieces are about 5cm wide by 5cm deep and 7.7cm high and the top pieces have the same width and depth (over 250 pieces):

  • turret tower
  • missile tower
  • nuke silo tower
  • barrack
  • command center
  • front entrance
  • factory
  • spawn / quest area
  • outpost
  • warehouse
  • landing pad
  • defensive structure
  • 12 various consoles/columns and vents from the structures
  • interior add-on pieces
  • bonus pieces

The interior pieces will be pretty much “locked” in place once the tiles are connected. This way you will have the flexibility of quickly placing them whenever you need interiors and swapping them out. Another benefit is this will reduce the print time since again the interior is not part of the actual tile.

The guard towers and structures you see here are just one of many configurations you can build with the OpenLOCK system. And because of this you can, for example, use the top most piece on its own, or stack with the mid piece and finally stack with the bottom piece.

While the structures on their own are connected by OpenLOCK, I thought it would offer greater flexibility and convenience by simply placing different structures side by side instead of also using the OpenLOCK system to connect everything together so that you can use them on their own or together into a bigger structure with ease. For example, you can combine the command center with the barrack or the front structure shown below.

Note: there will be pieces that you simply need to “mirror” using your favorite slicer like CURA or 3D Builder. For example there will be a left piece, you simply use the “mirror” feature to get the equivalent right piece.


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