Scifi Structures Vol 2


Learning from my first scifi sctructures , I have designed these new ones you will be getting at roughly 28mm scale. So if you want to rescale it for 25mm simply slice the models at 89% or 21% for 6mm (for BattleTech etc). This time around I have also tried something new and designed a few interior decorations like the mobile shield generator for troops to carry, retractable walls (both retracted and raised version) as well as a war room overhead display.

Here is a list of models you will be getting:

  • mobile shield generator for infantries
  • water treatment facility
  • hibonite mining facility
  • solar panel generators
  • retractable walls (two versions: retracted and raised)
  • temple ruin
  • teleporter
  • floor turrets (two versions: deployed, retracted)
  • communication tower
  • war room
  • nuke/missile silo structure
  • building ruin
  • storage container
  • oxygen extractor v2
  • interior door (2 versions: closed / opened)
  • power generator with individual power cell
  • control panels (3 versions: small, medium and large)
  • floor turrets v2 (2 versions: turrets and missiles)
  • storage facility designed to work with the storage container
  • space port with extendable launch deck,  extendable large hangar and extendable small hangar (connects to the main building) *note this is not scaled for 28mm but only 6mm
  • outpost with separate top piece
  • outpost with interior and separate decorative pieces (console and barrel)
  • civilian building with interior, separate top and door pieces
  • civilian building ver B with interior and separate top piece, stackable with first civilian building



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