Crimson Blades – scifi modular vehicles


Ever since I designed two vehicles (with actual wheels) for Hyperion 13 – 3D printable scifi modular tiles and props I have been itching to create even more vehicles. Vehicles that are both bigger and playable with full interior.


My vision is to create something similar to a modern carrier strike group but on land.  The group would consists of the main command vehicle, missile launchers, main battle vehicles, supply / refueling tankers and some smaller fighting vehicles protecting the main group.  This means my scifi hover vehicles should compliment these vehicles nicely.


This is volume 1 and will include 3 main vehicles (connected using OpenLOCK compatible clips) – Crimson Explorer (the command vehicle), Crimson Missiles and Crimson Transport. If this goes well be sure there will be more!


The Crimson Explorer:

  • working side door
  • working rear ramp
  • captain’s platform
  • strategy console
  • console A and B
  • ceiling console
  • ladder connecting the lower and upper levels
  • server rack A and B with removable server A and B
  • crew bed A and B
  • power generator
  • crate A and B
  • missile UCV (can be parked inside at the lower level)
  • turret UCV (can be parked inside at the lower level)
  • troop seat
  • if you are subscribed to my Patreon, you will also get the Patreon exclusive Meat Shield UCV

note: UCV stands for unmanned combat vehicle

The Crimson Missiles:

  • missile pod covers can be moved back and forth
  • working rear ramp
  • missile pod A and B

The Crimson Transport:

  • working double door
  • working rear ramp

Bonus pieces:

  • microwave UCV
  • weapon add-on [explorer]
  • extra rear ramp [explorer]
  • extra missile pods [missiles]
  • weapon add-on [transport]
  • side turret [explorer]
  • extra front tiles with side turrets [explorer / transport]


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