Ishikawa – The forbidden apartment


With the success of Neo Osaka, I present you the Ishikawa – the forbidden apartment. The idea/concept is based on the Kowloon Walled Building in Hong Kong. I feel that the overall atmosphere of Kowloon Walled City actually makes an interesting idea by turning it into a cyberpunk version of it!


The Ishikawa is the Japanese version of it where the apartment is pretty much self sufficient like a city of its own.  This can be an expansion multi-level building for the Neo Osaka set or it can also be used as a standalone building.


On the first floor I have the reception area, panel room, narrow hallway, stairs leading up the next floor and a couple of residential rooms.

The second floor will consist of open area with vending machines, ATMs, phone booths as well as a bunch of stores and an indoor onsen (you have to have at least one onsen in a Japanese setting!).


The third floor of the apartment includes a more luxury/bigger residential room, an arcade store as well as a storage room.

And finally the roof top with all the large banners and ventilations as well as providing a place for snipers to pick off anyone trying to enter the building below.

Ishikawa consists of these 4 floors including the roof (over 400 STLs). Obviously you can mix and match and create an even higher building! The props will be glued on to the walls for flexibility and printability. Each floor can be used on their own because they are not locked in to each other so you can quickly add or remove floors or just use them as regular terrains at ground level.

Bonus pieces:

  • alternate window walls
  • broken floor tiles
  • weapon store
  • water tank and ventilations
  • computer store
  • dice floor
  • sewer / well opening
  • elevator
  • video game store
  • inner balcony /walkway
  • alternate floors
  • loading area


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